Monday, February 20, 2006

Is it Ohd Yishama or Od Yishama? يا حبيبي :

Well another seforim saleswoman, or, appealing to the undercover PC people (much like the VC) salesperson, has been smitten by the dust. You know that dust seems to be everywhere; must be eViL dust. המבין יבין.
In other news the Seforim sale has been hitting the high 90's and it appears as if the putrid smell of rotting meat has been attracting parasites...
And what is this I hear about the insipidity of Seforim Sale staff; has a plague of jejuness been visited upon the happy, bubbly counselors of Camp SOY? אני לא מקבל...
Anyone else wondering what EphShap is still doing at the sale?
We'll see just how many people have been watching this blog by the rate of response. My guess puts Josh in 1st place, Diana in 2nd, and myself in 3rd. Bengy, of course, won't post until after there have been a couple of posting rounds.
Hasta luego!