Monday, August 29, 2005

Paging Dr. Diana!...Paging Rabbi Josh!

Seeing as the blog has coded twice in the last week, I think a last will and testament is in order. I collectively bequeath all of our grammatical knowledge and literary creativity to Shmulik, a president who, suprisingly, is at a serious loss for putting English words together coherently in a grammatically-correct sentence. Eizeh why why why?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Diabolically Dynamic Duo

To our avid Soy Blog fans -- welcome back to our beloved blog. In the words of Shmulik: "As the summer ends...ehh....and we walk in Yitzchak Rabin back." Ok, most of you won't get that but Shmulik will and that's all that matters to us. Well, the famous duo -- Benny and Bengy are currently sitting and enjoying a tasteful breakfast together. DianaNOW and her Nazi diet and TheFAVORITE on her high fat breakfast from eee's. We really just wanted to give a shout out to Camp SOY. The real question participate in the Camp SOY enterprise this year or to just be loyal to our own and refuse to work because we can no longer torture Shmulik on a daily basis... Yonatan/Golden Boy is just too nice to torture and truth his facial expressions just pale in comparison to Shmulik's. (P.S. someone find Golden Boy and tell him Bengy wants some gum -- and while were at it -- hook me up with some!!!) Anyway, life's great! and were living up our post hockerhood -- ok fine, some of us have yet to move on -- maybe one day! Anyway, that's all for now, ta ta and we'll see you on the next series of Camp SOY blog.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Let Me Inspire You!

Dear All,

I noticed that the blog is fading slowly, sadly. I happen to like it, and (for those of you who don't know me) I am also a SOY lifer.

I asked Josh to invite me, and I hope that my first post will serve as inspiration to the SOYBlogosphere to continue in its important work of notifying the world of the happenings of the individuals who make up the backbone of YU, the volunteers of SOY and SOY Seforim Sale, Inc.

So, post on, SOY Bloggers (or should I say Sloggers?)! The world must hear your voices!

Yours Truly,


Look who's back, back again, Tabak's back...

After an exhausting day I finally exited the SUV whose license plate said 'fresh' and had dice on the mirror to once again set foot on the terra firma that is Washington Heights. As I unloaded my mutliple accessories and was slowly trudging along I was assailed by a roving group of nasty locals. There was pointing, giggling, and even name-calling. And these weren't just any locals, with whom most YU-goers are acclimated, these were the worst of the worst, the ubiquitious brand of locals that have replaced the French during the summer's balmy humidity: post-Stern hockers. I tried to fend them off with wittiness and charm, but, alas! to no avail. I bid you all beware lest you all become attacked without previous provocation. YU-goers unite against this everpresent, growing menace! Where's security when you need them most?