Sunday, August 20, 2006

It's been toooooo long!

My, oh my, it has been too long since our beloved blog has been added to. But I decided to add a little something in honor of the beginning school year. Yet, each of us slowly begin to dehock...Josh, Shmulik and myself have completely relinquished our cell phones -- Josh almost 3 years already, Shmulik and myself... in the past couple of months. But it's true...we are no longer reachable...ok, fine, that was a lie. You know how to find us all. And I’ll agree, once a hocker, always a hocker. Anyway, in more campsoy news...Goldenboy and Ettie have finally declared their undying love for each other -- and yes, that's the first campsoy shidduch ever! You should all be congratulating yourselves on a job well done. So whose next to get hitched? According to previous comments...looks like it will be Tabak....I'm waiting.... Anywho, just wanted to add a little something since reading all the archives made me miss the days of old...don't worry, even though the seforim sale still goes on...the original campsoyers will live on in infamy!