Friday, March 25, 2005

Purim in YU....

Don't you always want to make fun of the person who has to go with Hatzolah for whatever the reason -- usually some sissy girl who hurt herself -- well, I'm pleased to announce that I became that sissy! What an experience at that! I think I would just like to recount (Yes, Shmulik, I know it's a big word!) the fascinating and humorous story of my poor ankle (which, yes, it still does hurt!) Well, So some girl sort of tripped me while I was dancing -- and so I dragged myself out of the room, so I wouldn't attract a crowd -- So, I'm sitting outside and security all crowds around me --"HEY!!! It's the book sale girl!!!" So now I have about 10 security guys around me -- all having a grand ole time making fun of the fact that this is me, who got injured. So, they ask me if I want Hatzolah and all I could think of was -- NO! I know too many of those hockers, I certainly don't want them coming here - but they came and I only knew one guy (Y36). So we all know what happens when Diana has too much sugar and can't control herself, I act drunk so the other two Hatzolah guys (Y21 and Y31) kept asking me -- Are you drunk?! How much did you drink!? So, as always I was being really difficult and refused to go to the hospital, I mean come on I'm the infamous book sale girl -- If I can handle "Sam" Rosenberg, I can handle anyone! So then security told me it's time to go home -- so I attempt to start walking to the bus to go to midtown, but oh no -- my ankle decided, it really wanted to go to the hospital -- so we get Hatzolah back and they bring the stretcher -- and I look at them -- are you nuts! no way in the world am I getting on that thing in front of the ENTIRE student body and more! ( I sort of had to explain to them that I was a hocker and about 90% of those people know me!) so I limp to the ambulance -- but some people caught sight of me -- and then my phone proceeded to ring -- "oh my gosh, Diana's injured!" I even got some phone calls from people I don't even know!! Well, I go to the hospital, use my hocker skills and get us in and out of there in about an hour (not bad eh!?) So I call security to come get me and my friend -- but they were being a bit difficult -- so who else to call then Mr. Hocker par exellance! -- Shmulik! -- He knows how to get things done! He couldn't believe I was in the hospital, and was like oh my gosh, I'm coming to get you now! (See, look how nice he is!) but security came and brought me back to campus. More importantly, all I could think of was -- "why couldn't they have given me this cane DURING the Seforim Sale!? At least I would have had a weapon against all the boys! I mean, hey, it's tough being the only girl in command! In the end I got home and now the entire world over has been calling me to see if I'm ok! I leave you all with one message VOTE SHMULIK FOR YSU PRESIDENT! (Yes, I know that made absolutely no sense -- but hey what else is new?!)


Blogger Josh said...

DianaNOW, are you interested in Y31? Because even if you aren't, there are a lot more Ys out there...

2:32 AM  
Blogger freesoul21 said...

I'm drinking a lot of soy milk and
one of my fingers started to hurt and got swollen, my acupunturist told me is I have too purim in my system, and to drink one tablesspoon of apple cider vinegar
organic and it would help.
Does anyone know anything about this?

3:51 PM  

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