Thursday, July 03, 2008

Camp SOY Blog Officially DEFUNCT

Not much more to be said.

Good luck to everyone in everything.



Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hel-lo every-ba-day, itsa me, Mario!

Well gee, it's been a long time, but it seems like there really are no updates.

Shmulik is still at YU.

Diana is still working at the sale.

Josh is still...being Josh.

The princess is still making amazing food.

And I am still at YU.

Reads kind of like a "where will they be in 2020" yearbook page...

Monday, May 21, 2007

Shane's Wish

I don't know if anyone is even reading this blog anymore, but just in case, here's something you might be interested in doing - MAJORLY TIME SENSITIVE!

Shane Bernier is a courageous seven-year-old boy from Lancaster, Ontario who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia when he was only five. On June 6th, 2006 Shane and his family received some unfortunate news: Shane experienced a relapse after completing 108 of 130 weeks of treatment. However, despite the bad news, Shane has managed to keep a positive outlook on his situation and has made a heart-warming wish... He hasn’t asked for money or toys or anything of the sort. Instead, his birthday is on May 30th and he would like to break the world record for the most birthday cards ever received. His goal is 350 million cards. With every card, Shane’s courage grows. Something as simple as sending a birthday card could be enough to help Shane find peace and joy in his current circumstances. Please take the time to send a card to Shane and make his dream become a reality. Share his story with your friends, family and co-workers. If at all possible, get your youth groups, church congregations, employees, neighbours or communities to set aside a few minutes to write a thoughtful note to Shane. With every card, Shane’s smile grows...

If you’d like to send a card to Shane, please send it to:

Shane Bernier
PO Box 484
Lancaster, Ontario
K0C 1N0

Check out this website:

Monday, February 05, 2007

Marine biologists release fantastic discovery of new marine mammal.

Marine Biology Monthly announced exactly one month ago that in the upcoming issue a fresh, new discovery would be made public. After waiting on the edge of my seat with baited breath for a month, that issue, ladies and gentlemen, has finally arrived.

In it is documented possibly one of the most startling finds of this nascent century: the bovinefish. Now I know what you are thinking - that just sounds silly. And even if it were real, didn't they already discover a swimming cow when they found the manatee? The answer is a resounding no, because whilst they found in the manatee the answer to many mermaid sightings, they did not find in the manatee a scrumptious meal. Will you believe what they found in the bovinefish? Move over sushi freaks because bovinefish steak has waddled into town.

Delectable. Delicious. Sumptuous. Scrumptious.

And, according to recent studies, there exists only a select group of people in the world who know how to properly prepare, cure, baste, season, and remove the spine-needle poison sack of the bovinefish. The group comprises tribeswomen from the right shoulder of South America, a clan of fierce, warrior women. They can be tamed only with slow infiltration with the art of deception. Those most well-versed in these arts, to the point of utter mastery some sources say, are the forces of the shadowy ninja clan known only as eViL. Through well-guised affections and affectations it is apparently possible to lure a tribeswoman out of her element, tricking her into lowering her gilded, bow-girded arm and into thinking she wants to properly prepare the bovinefish. The actual success rate of the eViL shadow-ninja clan is reportedly low, but in terms of quality it is unsurpassed - confidential sources report that the Princess herself was the object of such infernal plans.

"While it appears that further bovinefish tastings will prove difficult in the wake of the Princess' ordeal, gratitude for the past will never be diminished," the lucky tasters say. But who knows? Maybe as time goes on they will forget, or will reveal the recipe to the entire civilized world...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

ونحن نحب كامب صوي - Your Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Camp Soy

Give it your best shot. I will decide upon the winner. And as judge, jury, I will take on the identity of an Israeli and decide based on absolutely no rules at all. I will choose illogically and at random. Each person's entries will undergo no scrutiny, but those who do not enter will be penalized and will have background checks performed on them. Failure to comply will result in no fine but complication may ensue for those who do comply.
Good luck; both in your entries and in entertaining thoughts about making aliyah.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

It's been toooooo long!

My, oh my, it has been too long since our beloved blog has been added to. But I decided to add a little something in honor of the beginning school year. Yet, each of us slowly begin to dehock...Josh, Shmulik and myself have completely relinquished our cell phones -- Josh almost 3 years already, Shmulik and myself... in the past couple of months. But it's true...we are no longer reachable...ok, fine, that was a lie. You know how to find us all. And I’ll agree, once a hocker, always a hocker. Anyway, in more campsoy news...Goldenboy and Ettie have finally declared their undying love for each other -- and yes, that's the first campsoy shidduch ever! You should all be congratulating yourselves on a job well done. So whose next to get hitched? According to previous comments...looks like it will be Tabak....I'm waiting.... Anywho, just wanted to add a little something since reading all the archives made me miss the days of old...don't worry, even though the seforim sale still goes on...the original campsoyers will live on in infamy!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Is it Ohd Yishama or Od Yishama? يا حبيبي :

Well another seforim saleswoman, or, appealing to the undercover PC people (much like the VC) salesperson, has been smitten by the dust. You know that dust seems to be everywhere; must be eViL dust. המבין יבין.
In other news the Seforim sale has been hitting the high 90's and it appears as if the putrid smell of rotting meat has been attracting parasites...
And what is this I hear about the insipidity of Seforim Sale staff; has a plague of jejuness been visited upon the happy, bubbly counselors of Camp SOY? אני לא מקבל...
Anyone else wondering what EphShap is still doing at the sale?
We'll see just how many people have been watching this blog by the rate of response. My guess puts Josh in 1st place, Diana in 2nd, and myself in 3rd. Bengy, of course, won't post until after there have been a couple of posting rounds.
Hasta luego!